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CrossFit Las Vegas is a world-class CrossFit facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada

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  • 11/24/2014

    Hello Crossfitters!  Don’t forget that you can still order through for your produce this week!  Although there will not be a Thursday dropoff day, you can still have your produce ready to be picked up on Wednesday, which will arrive just in time for Thanksgiving celebrations!    And the site is mobile compatible, so you can also order and […]

  • 11/21/14

    Friday, 11/21/14Deadlift 4X5@80% 1 min MR Double Unders 4 min MR Clean and Jerk 135/95 1 min MR Double Unders 4 min MR Snatches 135/95

  • 11/20/14

    Thursday, 11/20/14 Super set 3XMR Dips 3×8 Barbell Roll outs *advance athlete do MR Muscle ups Amrap 12 3 Dips 6 Power Clean 115/85 9 Push Press *advance athlete muscle up to dips

11th And 12th October, 2014

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