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CrossFit Las Vegas is a world-class CrossFit facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada

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  • 7/30/14

        Remember!  Unicorn Series Part II and CFLV Anniversary Party on August 16th.   Also, PLEASE take just a couple minutes and set up your Zen Planner account from the email that you received. Wednesday, 7/30 Rope Climb/ Russian Twist   21-15-9 (9) Burpees Thrusters, 95/65  

  • 7/29/14

          Well, he did it again. Rich Froning finished in the top spot for the 4th year in a row! We have a new female winner, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.  Both athletes did an INCREDIBLE job in Carson this last weekend. Heavy weights, thick ropes, heavy sleds, handstand walks, etc. Good times. . Lots of familiar […]

  • 7/24/14

    Thursday, 7/24/14Rope Climb Russian Twist  AMRAP 10min 3 C&J 135/95 3 T2B 100m Run 6 C&J 6 T2B 100 m run 9 C&J 9 T2B 100m Run and so on…. 

11th And 12th October, 2014

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