11.5 Open Results and Share the Pain!! - CrossFit Las Vegas

11.5 Open Results and Share the Pain!!

11.5 Open Results and Share the Pain!!

CrossFit Open 11.5 Results!
Thanks to everyone who came out to compete Saturday!  Everyone gave it all they had and there were some amazing performances.  A big shout out to everyone that came out to support as well.  The last WOD of the Open will be this Saturday at Sin City CrossFit at noon.  There will be CrossFit Open T shirts for all the competitors and anyone else that would like to buy one.  There will also be an after party at HalfShell on Saturday night.  Here is a spreadsheet of the results.

“Share the Pain” this week!
“Share the Pain” falls this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!  It’s always a special time when we can actually show our friends and family just what exactly we’re talking about when we are chatting them up about CrossFit!  We will be offering free CrossFit classes these three days and welcome anyone who’d like to come by and participate!

As usual we will be granting one lucky member the chance to write their very own WOD for bringing the most visitors.  The rules have changed a little in that this person’s guests must sign up for the upcoming Elements class!  This still might pose a challenge in ousting Jose and Neil, though!

Upcoming Events
CrossFit Sports Series Motocross
If you ever wanted to learn to ride moto, now is your chance! CFHQ has the gear, they’ve got the coaches, and they’ve got the chance for you to check it out!  CrossFit has teamed about with American Supercamp for a Sports Series first-Moto X.  We are spreading the word that Coach Glassman is going to be at the first CrossFit Sports Series MotoX Event!  Registration is open and space is limited, so please direct people to http://events.crossfit.com/ to sign up.  $100 fee includes: Equipment, Instruction, All you can eat Sliders/Beer and the After party at Mandalay Bay.

CrossFit Football – May 7th and 8th
Spend two days with John Welbourn and his team. The CrossFit Football Course is an introduction to the CrossFit Football concepts, movements and level of intensity needed to be successful in training for sport. In the Course, participants will be taught the foundations of sport specific training; this includes sprinting, basic movements, warm up and cool down, change-of-direction and agility drills, jumping and weightlifting. Participants will be given information on programming, nutrition/diet, and film study.

Whole9 Foundations of Nutrition – June 11th
Join Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Urban, founders of Whole9, for a practical, straightforward, interactive discussion on the important role nutrition plays in your overall health and fitness.  We’ve just expanded to a full day’s worth of material, so you can take your nutritional know-how from the classroom to the lunch room, and everywhere in between!

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting – June 18th and 19th
Spend two full days with Sage Burgener learning, studying and practicing the Olympic lifts. The snatch and clean and jerk bring speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance to your strength training. These lifts are indispensable to CrossFit programming and expert coaching is a powerful advantage.

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