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A Problem With Iron Plates

A Problem With Iron Plates

Upcoming Events and Announcements
With so many interested people putting their names on the Kettlebell Class interest sheet, we’ll be starting a class this Saturday.  Tamra O’Halloran will be teaching a Kettlebell class on Saturday’s at 10am!  The class is $20 per month for current members and $50 for non-members.  The class will be an hour in length and will start will basic skills and movements!

Many of you have met George Prince at the gym.  George is a Powerlifter and Strongman competitor and will be offering 3 clinics over the next few Saturday’s.  The clinics will be 3 hours in length and will cover, in order, the Bench Press, the Deadlift, and the Back Squat.  The fee for each clinic is $50 or $125 for all three.

The first clinic on the Bench Press will be this Saturday, August 13th, and will begin at 12pm.  There is a sign up sheet on the counter in the gym.  Here is a bit of info on George and his accomplishments:

  • Teenage National Powerlifting Champion
  • 2006 California State Bench Press Champion
  • 2008 Texas State Powerlifting Champion
  • 2008 National  Powerlifting Champion
  • 2008 World  Powerlifting Champion
  • 700lbs + Bench Presser
  • Strongman Competitor
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for UFC athletes
  • Owner and Operator of Xtreme Strength Training

Our next Weightlifting meet is coming up in two weeks!  The Las Vegas Open will return on Saturday, August 20th! Stayed tuned for more details!

Rippetoe lays it out on how to put ’em down…

Platform: The Iron Plate Problem from stef bradford on Vimeo.

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