Athlete Profile: Brenden Bareng - CrossFit Las Vegas

Athlete Profile: Brenden Bareng

Athlete Profile: Brenden Bareng

First and Last Name
Brenden Bareng

Where ya from originally?
Honolulu HI, aka Da 808 State

How long have you been with CrossFit Las Vegas?
Going on 4 months

What’s your favorite WOD?
Any WOD that is posted that I can get a good sweat from

What’s your least favorite WOD?
Any WOD that end to quickly

What were you doing before CrossFit? How did you hear about CrossFit and/or CrossFit Las Vegas?
I was doing the Global GYM thing and wasn’t getting any where. I came across a Crossfit Video on YouTube, if I’m not mistaken it was Fight Gone Bad. After that I gave it a try and ever since then I’ve been addicted.

What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just joining CrossFit Las Vegas?
Welcome to Crossfit, please fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride because it a long rough and bumpy one

And finally (and most importantly) Who is the best and most incredible coach at CrossFit Las Vegas?  Explain/defend your answer.
I really cant pick just one, I am going to have to say that all the coaches at Crossfit Las Vegas are incredible. They are all very helpful and make you right at home. Each coach has their own individual strong points in coaching which I find helps me become a better well rounded crossfit athlete. If It weren’t for all of them I would not be where I am today.

Fill out the Athlete Profile, k?  Takes less time than ya think.

Power Clean
Add 5-10lbs

4 RFT of:
25 Back Squat
400m Run


  • By [email protected] 20 Apr 2012

    So Brenden can understand what I’m saying I guess I’ll speak our native tongue (Pigeon English)…..ho brah, you one crazy braddah!! You really bring one mean game to da gym wen you come in. Keep up da good work and much mahaloz for all da help & support you give to da CFLV Fam Bam!

  • By Ray 20 Apr 2012

    Brother you have more energy and dedication than anyone I know. One thing though, if you want to gain some weight stop Woding 6 times a day with an elevation mask on. Seriously!!!
    Dude, thanx for being part of the family and always being down to do anything, and I personally thank you for the endurance program.

  • By Aaron Ninja 21 Apr 2012

    Howzit Zen Bren, Braddah wat u bring to the box is pure aloha and positive vibes. You unreal kine, no mess wit u cause one crack media vac brah. Nah nah nah nah brah fo real kine you one cool braddah. tanks eh fo being part of da box u take care everybody that come your way. Mahaloz killaz. K den brah wod wit u lataz.

  • By Wood 21 Apr 2012

    Can we do a WOD in moo moos?

    Dude, you are one hell of an athlete! I don’t think anyone would argue that you have more energy, more positive attitude, and more shoes than anyone else around. You are always willing to take time away from your personal training to lend a hand to whomever is in need. Not to make you sound like Superman…but you kind of are…able to leap buildings in a single bound, (okay maybe not this one.), faster than a speeding bullet, (you’re pretty close.) Okay, so maybe you’re not Superman after all, but you are a hero to many people in the box not only because of how good of an athlete you are, but also because you’re such a selfless person. I’m very glad to have met you, but do you have to wod shirtless all the effing time, come on! Let’s have sushi together. Or some mint chocolate chip…

  • By kona 21 Apr 2012


  • By brenden bareng 26 Apr 2012

    This might be a little late but i would like to thank all of you.

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