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Curing the Cravings

Curing the Cravings

Will People Ever Evolve Out of Craving Unhealthy Food? –
Cravings –
How to Cure Carb Cravings –

Foam Rolling Clinic
The Foam Roller is to mobility what the squat is to CrossFit. Every athlete needs to focus on mobility, and the fundamental movement is foam rolling. Through the principle of “muscle fiber deflection”, every fiber of the athlete’s trunk and legs can be lengthened, resulting in a reduction of internal friction. This reduction increases speed, increases strength, and increases results. Additionally, the pain and discomfort of serious training can be reduced. The actual performance of rolling is also a core strengthening routine in itself.

Proper foam rolling is simple, but not easy. Technique is imperative, just as in CrossFit. Technical improvements pay dividends in future performance. Your potential is limitless.

Dr. Josh Satterlee, of Bio-Mechanics of Las Vegas, will be us to present a Foam Rolling seminar on Saturday, April 7th, at 2 pm. Cost is $50 with the purchase of a roller and $25 if you already have a roller.  There will be a sign up sheet available on the gym counter.  Be sure to indicate if you would like to purchase a foam roller to use at home!!

Front Squat
Add 5-10bs

4 ITR of:
30 Double Unders
15 Wall Ball
30 Double Unders

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  • By Brenda 02 Apr 2012

    Thanx Brenden and Ray for the seeion Sunday. Full of knowledge for the not so simple task of running!!

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