Failing in the Fight Against Obesity - CrossFit Las Vegas

Failing in the Fight Against Obesity

Failing in the Fight Against Obesity

Why the Campaign to Stop America’s Obesity Crisis Keeps Failing – Gary Taubes,

For more articles and information from Gary Taubes visit

CrossFit Kids Lock In
Marissa will be giving parents the night off on Saturday the 19th!  All CrossFit Kids and their friends are invited to spend the night at the gym.  Yes the whole night, it’s a LOCK IN!  The festivities will kick off at 7pm and parents will be let into the gym at on Sunday at 8am.  Before the kiddies go down for the night they’ll be playing games, working on some skills, and hit a workout.  Cover charge is $25 per child for dinner and snacks.  Parents are asked to bring breakfast.  To Register visit our Online Store and select the Kids Lock In tab.

Rowing Clinic with Tamra
Fresh off the success with our Paleo Primer (it won’t be the only one), Tam will be holding a rowing clinic on the 19th at 2pm.  If you seem to have difficulty understanding the mechanics of the row stroke, you need to be here.  You can expect to cover things like what the drag on the wheel should be for sprints as well as longer distances, how important strokes per minute really is, and of course what the stroke itself should look like.  The clinic will be capped at 16 participants and is $20 per attendee.  To Register visit our Online Store and select the Rowing Clinic tab.

4 RFT of:
400m Run
60s in Bottom of Squat
20s in Hollow Position

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