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For All Us Carnivors

For All Us Carnivors

Will Eating Red Meat Kill You? –
Red Meat: Part of a Healthy Diet? –

Foam Rolling Clinic
The Foam Roller is to mobility what the squat is to CrossFit. Every athlete needs to focus on mobility, and the fundamental movement is foam rolling. Through the principle of “muscle fiber deflection”, every fiber of the athlete’s trunk and legs can be lengthened, resulting in a reduction of internal friction. This reduction increases speed, increases strength, and increases results. Additionally, the pain and discomfort of serious training can be reduced. The actual performance of rolling is also a core strengthening routine in itself.

Proper foam rolling is simple, but not easy. Technique is imperative, just as in CrossFit. Technical improvements pay dividends in future performance. Your potential is limitless.

Dr. Josh Satterlee will be us to present a Foam Rolling seminar on April 7th at 2 pm. Cost is $50 with the purchase of a roller and $25 if you already have a roller.

Upcoming Events
AIDS Walk Las Vegas: April 15th (Sunday) at UNLV at 10:30am.  Registration is FREE!!  Sign up for our CrossFit Las Vegas team by clicking on the following link:

Tough Mudder: October 6, 2012 (Saturday).  We currently have 33 people on our team and more are welcome to join.    Go to and search for CrossFit Las Vegas and use “cflv2012? to join our team.  The sooner you sign up the cheaper it will be.  Everyone on our team will receive a $20 refund a couple weeks after event since we have more then 21 members on our team.  You don’t have to be a member of our gym to join our team, so family and friends are welcome to join our team.  The more the merrier!!

Any questions in regards to the upcoming gym events, feel free to contact Vili.

Front Squat

2 RFT of:
800m Run
1000m Row 

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  • By shawn callahan 22 Mar 2012

    I have wanted to know what these guys ( MDA or Robbb Wolf) thought about those cleansing programs. I know people who do them and it never sounded good to me. Seemed like a crash course to straighten out your health & diet. There aren’t any shortcuts to better health.

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