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Got Paleo Questions?

Got Paleo Questions?

Paleo Diet FAQ –

FAQ’s are all well and good, but it’s rare that they contain that one nugget of information you’ve been digging the vast internets for!  All these sites and pages containing study after study, report after report, and anecdote after anecdote and you still haven’t found the info you’ve been looking for.  It would be so much simpler if you had a friend or associate who had done all the research you had plus more.  Someone who could not only answer your questions, but give them to you in an understandable and applicable way.  And do it without you having to go blind behind a computer screen.

For those of you who are finding this situation familiar in regards to the Paleo Lifestyle, may we present the:

Paleo Primer
Many have been asking for a presentation on Paleo Nutrition and its role in both performance and health.  To that end Tamra O’Halloran will be shedding some much sought after light on just this topic.  She’ll be at the gym on Saturday, April 28, at 2pm to share with us all the good things that await the would-be ancestral eater.  If you’d like to learn a few things about the Paleolithic lifestyle and gets some answers to your questions, attendance will prove more than beneficial!

To register for the Paleo Primer, visit our Online Store.  Once there, click the “Seminars” tab and enroll for the presentation.  THis seminar is free to all members of CFLV.

Front Squat
Add 5-10lbs

5 RFT of:
15 Wall Ball
20 Box Jumps

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  • By sher medin 18 Jun 2012

    We have been eating the paleo way for 5 weeks now. We work out at the gym six days a week. Last week we noticed my husband is losing muscle mass. Any ideas on why this is happening

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