Share The Pain, Sectional WOD #2, and the BBQ!! - CrossFit Las Vegas

Share The Pain, Sectional WOD #2, and the BBQ!!

Share The Pain, Sectional WOD #2, and the BBQ!!

“Share the Pain”
We again have the chance to pack in new comers and the uninitiated at the gym this week!! “Share the Pain” begins this Wednesday the 30th and wraps up on the 1st of April! During these three days we’re offering free CrossFit classes to all our friends, family, and those who heard about us from a friend of their sister’s boyfriend.

“KIDS!! Share the Pain”
In addition to Share the Pain for the grown-ups Marissa is going to have Share the Pain for Kids!!! There is one Share the Pain Kids class. This is going to be on Friday at 5:30pm. Bring in the yungins and have them go at it.

Jose Berumen was once again our latest winner in the Most Unique Visitors Challenge! I’m certain that we are all looking for someone else to win as Jose’s wods are a little difficult at times. Whomever brings the most unique visitors to the gym during Share the Pain will have earned the chance to write and submit their own workout. Upon approval this workout will then be included in an upcoming week of programming for the whole gym to enjoy. If a really nasty one, you might wanna rethink letting everyone know that you wrote it!

“Sectional WOD #2 and a BBQ”
The second workout for the CrossFit Games Sectionals will be released on Tuesday the 29th at 5pm. It’s our turn in the Las Vegas Rotation to host the Saturday Validation! The Validation will be this Saturday from 12pm till ..ish. After the workout is finished, it’s Miller Time!! Bring by your favorite paleo side dish and a party attitude. We’re gonna fire up the grill and have a wee bit of a cookout!

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  • By Dezirae 28 Mar 2011

    Just wanna say….LOVIN’ the site! Looking good guys! :)

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