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Take a Swim

Take a Swim

The Benefits of Swimming – yourswimmingspace.com

We always look for ways to improve performance, right?  We always want to add variety to our fitness, right?  We all want something challenging and still fun, right?  How many of us will spend any time swimming?

Of the myriad of different training modalities out there swimming ranks exceedingly high, at least in my book.  It has got to be one the most challenging, engaging, and entertaining ways to workout, save doing CrossFit.  Think about the total amount of muscles used just to swim freestyle across half a pool.  Now try to tell me it isn’t total body and “functional”.

Let’s not forget that swimming is easy enough for everyone to participate in.  For the most part, we can all doggie paddle at a minimum.
It’s not a far stretch to reach out in front of you with one arm and try a true swim stroke, either side or freestyle.  If you truly can’t swim, there are plenty of public pools with classes waiting for participants to teach you how.

Already know how but want to really glide through the water?  Try a clinic with Total Immersion!

Front Squat
Add 5-10lbs

Ring Dips

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