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Very Cool!

Very Cool!

WellnessFX – How It Works –
WellnessFX at CrossFit Fort Vancouver –

Currently, WellnessFX operates only in California, Oregon, and Washington.  However, they seem to be working on expanding their network.  Once they include Nevada, similar to how we provide Beyond the Whiteboard and Paleo Plan, I think that such a service would be just as valuable to provide.

Paleo Primer
Many have been asking for a presentation on Paleo Nutrition and its role in both performance and health.  To that end Tamra O’Halloran will be shedding some much sought after light on just this topic.  She’ll be at the gym on Saturday, April 28, at 2pm to share with us all the good things that await the would-be ancestral eater.  If you’d like to learn a few things about the Paleolithic lifestyle and gets some answers to your questions, attendance will prove more than beneficial!

Put your name on the attendance list found here on Facebook!  As you can see the event is growing quite well.  This seminar is free to all members of CFLV.

Front Squat
Add 5-10lbs

5 rounds for MR of:
30s OH Press
30s Rest

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