Why the Kettlebell Swing? - CrossFit Las Vegas

Why the Kettlebell Swing?

Why the Kettlebell Swing?

The Kettlebell Swing – CrossFit Journal

CrossFit Games Sectionals and Gym Closed
We will be heading up to CrossFit 702 this weekend for the Sectional WOD 11.4!  Please register for the next event at CrossFit 702 HERE.  For all of you participating this weekend please pre-register so we can have all the heats done by Saturday!!

It also happens to be CrossFit 702?s 1 year anniversary, so there will most definitely be Paleo Potluck and beer (Chocolate Milk for the kiddies) involved post WOD!!!!

CrossFit Las Vegas will be closed this weekend for the CrossFit Endurance Seminar!  If you need to get your WOD on, you best head up to 702!!

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